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Its been eight years since I embarked on a career vision which states as “To work towards making sustainable technologies as the default choice for the world”. With the vision as the compass, me and my team at FluxGen worked on Renewable Energy Systems, rural electrification using Solar Photovoltaics, water management system for agriculture(irrigation systems) and water management system for Industries all these years. To solve our customer problem we used Internet of Things (IoT) along with data analytics to monitor and analyze systems we built. For the pioneering works we did in IoT, at least in India, we were awarded the “IoT startup of the year 2016” award at the first IoT India Congress. We did collaborative work with my Alma mater Indian Institute of Science in powering a village using solar, pilot solar power to Indian Railways and others, which helped us build our competency in sustainable technologies. On the Industrial side, we have been serving customers such as Titan Jewelry (A Tata company), Buhler, ITC, Gokul Milk, Aircell and others that helped us build market ready products.


I’m a strong believer that you need 2 Gs to succeed in a career. One is Goal and other is Guru. We had to an extent figured out our goal but we were really in need of the other G. With this thought in mind, last October we applied for multiple startup accelerators as we required mentoring to have an accelerated growth in our business and product development. Fortunately we got selected to some the most sought after accelerators in India and world, considering the potential impact of our work. Since our customer base is in India and we were looking for contextual mentoring in IoT, we decided to go with Cisco Launchpad Accelerator. After nearly six months of mentoring, I must say Cisco Launchpad was the best thing that happened to us in last six years of our journey in Sustainable technologies as FluxGen — can’t thank the mentors at Cisco enough! I’ll write a separate post on the journey at Cisco Launchpad after the demo day, which is about a week from now.


With in days after getting into Cisco Launchpad, we figured out that we were doing too many things as a startup. We decided to focus our energy on Industrial water management system using IoT. We took the decision considering the fact Industries buy water at the highest price and have stricter environmental regulations to adhere to be operational. Our value proposition is “we help Industries save water expenditure by up to 15%”. By this we mean we monitor and analyze the water storage, water consumption and water recycled and help in identifying leakage or wastage of water in the facility using wireless networks and cloud analytics. Currently most of these is done manually in Industries. If you don’t measure you can’t manage. The water we consume goes through various levels of pumping and purification, which require electricity and hence any water wasted also means wasting the energy spent in doing all the process. For industries it is even important because the water utilized in industrial process are very harmful to the environment if this is not managed well then it can cause great hazard. As a matter of fact the cost of recycling of waste water in Industries is twice the cost at which they buy the water. Hence our solution is very important from both commercial and environment perspective. In the long run, as we develop our cloud platform stronger, we would like to take over water management for all major water consuming industries on turnkey basis, which would include water planning, buying, utilization and recycling.


We are currently measuring and managing about a few million liters of water for various facilities, which include diaries and jewelry industries. In next three years we would like to expand our base to Paper and Pulp, Textile, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and other industries which consume more than hundred kilo liters of water per day. Hopefully in five years we would be able to offer end to end water management services for industries and smart cities projects. If things go according to the plan we will be able to manage cumulatively ten billion liters of water per day and potentially save a billion liters of water every day using our IoT and AI based water management platform which provides prescriptive alerts to avoid water wastage in water networks. We also intend to introduce water quality monitoring along with our offering so that people are conscious of what water they are consuming and discharging to the environment. .


So why this post?


As the title says, “help us save a billion liters of water everyday”. You could partner with us in this journey towards building a sustainable water management for the world we live in.


How can you partner with us?


You can partner with us in three ways.


  1. You can invest in FluxGen or connect us to investors interested in our work. We are raising funds to scale our sales and product development.
  2. We are always keen on adopting cutting edge technology (includes: Sensor technology, IoT, Machine Learning, AI, Blockchain, Cloud computing,etc) that are relevant in water conservation and water quality monitoring.
  3. Business/Sales. We are always in look out for people who are keen on water conservation to reduce their water related expenditure. You can help us find them.


What you get in return?


Equity in FluxGen/ Royalty/Commission/Employment — we can discuss.


How to get in touch with us?


The best way is to fill this short survey, which hardly takes a minute.


We will get in touch with you. Alternatively, you can mail me on with subject “Game for Water Conservation” — I will get in touch with you in a few days.


Thanks for your patience in going through this long post. Let’s build a better world for the future generation – let’s not wait till we reach the ZERO DAY.





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