Our goal is to make facilities water +ve!

FluxGen is an industrial water management firm, based in the Silicon Valley of India – Bangalore. We help industries to monitor their water usage in real-time. This will help them to use the water resources most efficiently and in turn reduce their operational costs.We believe that – “What gets measured, gets managed”.

Established in the year of 2021, FluxGen is built by the knowledge and management skill of people from reputed universities in the country like the IITs, IIScs and the IIMs. AquaGen, is our Smart Real-time industrial water monitoring system. Equipped with the knowledge of AI and IoT, we are able to reduce the Non-Revenue water wastage by necessary means and thus, not only reduce costs but also, help save the planet, bit-by-bit and drop-by-drop.


Build solutions for efficient and sustainable usage of water resources.


Leverage upon technology to identify water usage and consumption patterns.

Meet our Team


Ganesh Shankar
Emanuel Deepak
Bob Mathew Pulickan
Syamlal V S
Suraj Hebbar
Vasantha Subbiah

Core Team

Navya Ravella
Anand Vijayakumar
Jameer Kallinkeel
G Milgina
Anand Gauthaman
Manoj Chandy
Gunasekar Tippireddy
Zamran Omer
Mony Bernard
Gopu R
Shriram S

Our Advisors

Dr. Rishi Mohan Bhatnagar
Venkatesh Kumaran
Victor Mieres
Hari Dilip Kumar

Our Supporters

The Innovation Acceleration Group facilitates the market delivery of customer-validated innovation, focused on new technologies and establishing disruptive business models.

Cisco LaunchPad brings together Cisco technologies, startups, and the partner community to deliver business-relevant end-to-end Tech Solutions

Microsoft Accelerator empowers startups to scale up their businesses and succeed by providing consulting services, technology and infrastructure support, to grow faster.

Deshpande Startups provides an eco-system of resources, connections, knowledge & talent to support mission-driven entrepreneurs to scale in their venture.

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