AquaGen is a Smart Real-time water flow and level monitoring system. It is designed in a way to gather meaningful and actionable data about the water flow and distribution of water in the infrastructure. Built with Best-In-Class Hardware and Software, AquaGen is compatible with any digital water flow meter and water level sensor. Real-time 24*7 Monitoring with Wide scale Integration across the facility would help to increase the Operational efficiency of the Water Infrastructure. This consumption pattern obtained over a period of time will help identify inefficiencies in the water infrastructure. Thus, this system strategizes the water usage pattern and subsequently takes corrective action by immediately alerting the ground maintenance personnel through notifications and alerts through AquaGen’s mobile and web application. Insightful reports on the water consumption pattern would be mailed to the user. AquaGen also ensures that the Non-Revenue Water loss is reduced. Thus, helping to calculate the total water usage in the industry.

Reduces water leakage & wastage by up to 30% of consumption

Real time monitoring & analysis of all the water parameters

Interactive & User friendly Web and Mobile application

Identifies potential inefficiencies in water consumption & flag alerts

Customised and periodic report generation

Helping industries to be in compliant with government norms