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One of the things that I believe is very important for a start-up to succeed in the business is becoming part of ecosystems that help in growing the company. In this respect, we at FluxGen are very fortunate to have been part of some amazing ecosystems that has helped us in getting access to mentoring, technology, funds, and business. One such ecosystem that has been helping us significantly is the “Project Amplify”. It is a program that Microsoft and Accenture came together to support social entrepreneurs that are focused on solving critical challenges in areas of sustainability, agriculture, health, accessibility, and education across the globe. Let me tell you how we have benefited from this unique program.


As a solution provider we are primarily focused on building the product that solves the customer problems in water management – That is what we care the most about. Because of Project Amplify we have been able to use the Azure PaaS to ensure our customers get a very optimized tech stack that ensures a high-quality experience while using our product. This ensures that we can invest more time in Customer meetings, Customer Experience, and Data Science to reduce water wastage and other water-related risks our customers are facing.


Also from the sensors and data collections point of view many times we have had discussions with customers who have expressed concerns on how reliable is the sensor data? Being in a business that involves the application of IoT and AI, we have realized this could become a serious bottleneck. Thanks to Project amplify we have been working with Microsoft Research on implementing Dependable IoT also called Verified Telemetry on our Systems which ensures our customers are getting insights to avoid water wastage that is based on high fidelity and extremely reliable data from the sensors to the azure cloud. I should also say this has given us an edge over other offerings in the market today.


Accenture on the other hand has been helping us connect with sales and product teams that have led to newer opportunities in water conservation – We are always excited about the meetings set up by the Accenture team!


Besides Technology and business growth, we are glad that Project Amplify has provided various media visibility and networking opportunities, which has led to the overall multiplication of the impact of our work. We are really thankful to the Project Amplify team – Simran, Abishek, Tanuja, Arshiya, Akshay, Lathika, and many others for the wonderful work they have been doing in the background to help social impact-focused startups like us to achieve our goals.


Yesterday was the launch event of Project Amplify 2.0 and I’m very glad that FluxGen was given the opportunity to share our impact story and how we have leveraged Project Amplify to achieve our set goals. I’m glad I spoke alongside the global leaders from Microsoft and Accenture which includes Jean-Philippe Courtois (EVP & President, National Transformation Partnerships, Microsoft), Paul Daugherty (Group Chief Executive – Accenture Technology & Chief Technology Officer), Chris Howarth (Senior MD, Global Lead – Accenture Microsoft Business Group), Andrea Della Mattea (President Microsoft Asia Pacific) Dr.Sriram Rajamani (Managing Director, Microsoft Research India), Sanjay Podder (Managing Director Sustainability innovation at Accenture), Lathika Pai (Country head Microsoft VC/PE and Partnerships). The thoughts they shared in the program were very insightful in terms of the ecosystem approach and I could clearly sense the leader’s strong push towards working on UN Sustainable Development Goals by empowering social entrepreneurs to multiply their impact.

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I strongly recommend the Social Impact and Sustainability-focused start-ups apply for the Project Amplify to scale their respective business and impact. I’m pretty confident you’ll thank me later 😉





PS: Here is a short video interview between Lathika Pai and me about FluxGen’s work and why our solution is very important today. Hope you can check the video and share it with people who are interested in the water space:


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